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30 July 2010

Minor Detour.

Last post I left off with the intention of a strong three weeks of preparation before Utah.  Seemingly the best laid plans can sometimes be derailed and here I am sitting with a rapidly declining box of tissues beside me.  It's been a long time since I last got sick, even perhaps 2 years ago after landing in Italy is really the last major time I can recall feeling like a sack of potatoes in the sun.  Nonetheless, such is life, and we shall perservere.

In a positive note check out this press release.  This will be big.  Really big.  And I can't wait to stick this on my list of goals for 2011.  Obviously being a UCI stage race I will most likely need to be on a pro team next year to enter, but don't worry folks I'm working on that one too.  Stepping stones.

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