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20 July 2010

Bend Is Awesome And That's A Fact.

 Rio van hanging out with the big rigs on the way to Bend.

Places like Boulder and the (whole state of Colorado really) no doubt registered on my list of places to base myself for cycling, but there was one other name on the list that I had heard a great deal about.  That place was Bend, Oregon and here I am for the first time and so far this place hasn't disappointed.  Surrounded by forests with tons of great riding both on the dirt and road, it reminds me a great deal of Boulder, but perhaps without the altitude benefits.  And a Chipotle.  Home to guys like AC, Trebon and Chris Horner I can see why it works for skinny guys in lycra and am pumped to be racing in this part of the world.

 Gray and Collier pin up before Boise....

Cascade Classic begins tonight with a short 2 mile prologue.  The team for the trip has been expanded out to 8, with four guest riders alongside the standard crew.  I think perhaps this race we have the most balanced squad so far this year, with Dan Harm filling TT duties (2nd at Elite TT Nationals recently) alongside the rest of us as breakaway/GC guys so hopefully we can give the results page a shake.  I know I'm looking to build on the success of Nature Valley and aiming for some stage wins here.  Certainly NV was able to perhaps put myself on the map a little, so hopefully I can keep working hard for the upper end of the results page here.  We will see. So far we've ridden the circuit race, the TT and the prologue course and they all are going to be tough ones, especially with stacked squads from Fly V, United, Kelly and Bissell throwing down.  Just the way we like it!


With Krugoff finishing his road season after Nature Valley for goals of a strong CX season, Brad has become my new room mate.  Always up for a laugh and handy to reach things in high places...

Collier wen back to the pro ranks this year with Bahati Foundation.  With things a little shaky there at the moment he's back in the Rio red and black for Cascade......our secret weapon right here folks.


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