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11 May 2010

And That Was My Day.

After a pretty chilled out time last week (including some hours on the MTB), today it was back to work on the roady to prepare for the next block of racing.  I'm actually pretty pumped now that I have some stage racing in the legs and looking forward heading to Mt Hood at the start of June and then onto Nature Valley two weeks after that.  Our schedule is soooo good this year!  Okay for those of you interested this was my workout for today.

2hrs steady tempo riding including a 1hr 20min long canyon climb.  Headwind on the way back down so was able to keep the wattage up nicely alongside giving myself a perm.  Then the fun began. 1min full gas effort with three minutes recovery.  Repeat 8 times.  Ride for another hour steady tempo then cool down for 3.5hrs total.  At that point I realized I had closed the garage door while leaving my house key on the work bench.  Nice one Einstein.  So the cool down was extended to Kat's office building and back home again.

Right now looking at the weather we are due for a cold front and some snow tmw....perhaps miss out on my midweek TT race which would bum me out after posting my fastest time there last week....we shall

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