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28 April 2010

Tour Of The Gila - Stage One.

Third times a charm right?  That's what they say I suppose, and yes folks this is my third crack at the Gila and it doesn't get any easier.  Big field this year at 194 riders and I don't really need to elaborate who is here do I?  Lance, Levi, Zabriskie etc....the list goes on alongside every other major US domestic pro team.

Stage one is in the books and results wise I have no idea, but it was WAY better than the previous.  First time I was a little too wet behind the ears and got dropped before the Mogollon and last year I was in the break and blew at the bottom of that nasty ascent to the finish.  This year the pace was fairly relaxed from the gun and a break of 11 rolled away pretty quickly and quietly.  Garcia followed the move so we were happy days there, and after an hour or so United got on the front (they missed the move) and rode tempo.  The biggest factor become the cross winds in the rolling hills and Gray and I were one of the very last lucky few to make the major split (it was not pretty but we got there).  The break just like last year was brought back on the flats before the climb and as the road went upwards for the final brutal 5kms I took a fairly relaxed approach, not wanting to throw myself in the red too early.  And it worked pretty well, riding my own rhythm and passing maybe 10-15 guys before the line.  As i said results wise at the moment I have no idea but not too bad for the first day I think.

 This will give you an idea of the split...lucky we all made this front group as those echelons at the back don't look too fun at all really...

The biggest difference today was just how organized and dialed this team is, getting us on the road (70 mile transfer back to Silver City post stage) straight away, meaning my legs are up faster and you guys get to read this report sooner!  Fort Bayard Inner Loop Stage tmw....Garcia is 2nd in the sprint comp so maybe we can come home with a jersey depending on how things pan out.

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