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08 April 2010

Get Your TT On.

It's always great getting positive news.  I mean who doesn't like positive news right?  So yesterday morning Jon and I tested here at the P2P studio.  Well I should re-phase that.   I suffered through an LT test while Jon squeezed blood outta my ear lobe every three minutes in the name of science.  We were both doing our respective jobs I suppose.  But most smart bicycle riders who do the competition thing know, that regular testing is very important to track improvement.  So without letting too many cats outta the bag right now I am WELL ahead of the curve compared to last year and have seen SIGNIFICANT improvements in my threshold power.  Us bike racers can be canny folk, so I won't bore you with the number details and such, but I am very happy with the work I have done to prepare for this season.  And who said a snowy Colorado winter would be bad for me!  I guess the underlying point I am trying to get across is that everyone wants maximum returns from their investments, and for me that was training my ass off from November till now and seeing some significant improvement.  Anyway....

So the fitness did get a test last night at the first Cherry Creek TT Series.  After the snowy start to the day by the time 4.43pm rolled around the roads were dry and the sun was out.  Thanks to George my Orbea TT rig was dialed and I even got to bust out the fancy new Giro TT lid for the first time.  Yes folks no matter the result I felt fast.  Did I mention how sweet our Rio long sleeve skin suits are!  Legs were a little sloppy thanks to the mornings test, but I had fun and can't wait for next week where I'm sure I can but my initial time.  I think a mid week TT series is perfect for me right now as we edge closer to the first big hit out for the year.  Hello Bisbee/Gila in a couple of weeks time.

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green said...

hey mate, chuck some results down, even tho its early season form you are playing with its still good to hear how you went!!