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23 March 2010

Training Camp.

Spent the last four days up in the Fort for our second mini training camp.  This time a little more structured and organized alongside lining up for our first local race of the season at the end of the week.  All I can say is that I am so excited about this year.  The team is unreal, the support is fantastic and I truly believe we can stick it to the big boys and achieve some big things.  Training days went well, with some big rides featuring race simulations and ending the week with a solid 14mile TT the morning before the CSU Oval Criterium.  Being the home town team, the primary food source was of course the Rio for burritos and salsa, but also a very nice dinner was had at El Monte to celebrate Corey's birthday.

 Director Sportif Garcia calling the shots...the TT we did was the same course as a midweek race series he is running.  Check it out at Your Group Ride

Brad basking in the warmth.  It was a little chilly for a couple of days but we got through with all fingers and toes intact.

Birthday boy Carlson digs in.  There is something about cheesecake icing that this guy can't resist..

Speaking of three, Holt took our first podium for the year with a second place at the CSU Oval Criterium.  Cool race, and even cooler with a stacked squad.  Holt made the break with some Big Shark riders and the rest of us played the classic 'cover and kill' role for the majority of the race.  Good start to the year for sure....bring it!

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