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07 March 2010

Opening The Account.

It's always interesting that first race of the year.  It's been long and steady preparations since mid-October, and today was the first real chance to pedal in anger and test the legs.  Pinning on the number for the Road Runner TT at Bear Creek Lake Park I as pretty excited to say the least and hoped to do well, but in the end my aspirations for a strong start to the season were blinded the reality that I still am in a solid training block right now and I am very fatigued.  Coming to the end of a 25hr week with smothered with V02, LT and SE intervals I hit 3rd gear and stayed there the entire race really...but at least I got to wear my long sleeve Rio skin suit which is way bad ass in my book.  Haven't seen the results, maybe 4th or 5th in the end I'm not sure but hey, it's March are there are some big fish to fry ahead that's for sure.

Kat took some videos with the flip.  Not being used to having this handy little device we are slowly using it more and more and hoping to perfect not sounding like dorks...well at least I am anyway!  Okay off to rest on the horizon for another week yet and I'm going to need every minute of shut eye to make the most of open eye time.

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