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29 March 2010

Here In A Flash.

My good buddy Norris arrives tomorrow and I'm stoked that for two weeks another Aussie will invade the house and be able to appreciate my strokes of genius, such as spreading Vegemite on crepes for breakfast.  And he's Victorian to boot so we are ticking all the right boxes there too.  The photo above was from the Varese house a few years back when I made the fellas burritos.  Kinda tough to get the super good authentic ingredients in Italy, so I can't wait to take the guy out for the real deal after a sixer in the mountains.  Dang Colorado is a cool place to be.

Speaking of cool, I know I've plugged this before but holy shit its good.  Pearl Jam Live is finally back up and running and is pure gold for any fan of flannel and boots.  Full streaming concerts from 1990 to 2008 in superb quality.  Could any genius out there tell me how I could put these on my ipod?  Either way between this and the live streaming Euro races from Cycling Fans I'm pretty much set!

Okay back to the cycling gig and it's a Monday, start of a new week.  A lighter one for me which is nice and finally will get a chance to do more racing than training this week.  Yes folks it's that time of year to shift gears from preparing for battle and actually doing it!  Local stuff to hit over the next couple of weeks before our first major travel races being the Bisbee/Gila double.  It totally has been a different approach for me this year, tackling a US snowy winter and starting racing much later being March, not Jan 1st like last year.  I'm hoping it will mean I'll still have some gas left in the tank for the latter season stuff like Utah in August.  Man that race gives me a buzz just thinking about it.


Mike G said...

Chris always enjoy reading your articles and the photos. All the best this Northern season.

Chris Winn said...

Thanks Mike G....appreciate taking the time out to comment!

Michael Goldie said...

What is the Mountain range in the background Chris, that's a very good shot of you and the beautiful background.

Chris Winn said...

That shot was taken at Bear Creek Lake Park, so right near the town of Morrison which is right at the foothills of the Rockies!