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04 February 2010

Recovery Week.

Down time and I am enjoying it that's for sure.  After three solid weeks of 20+hrs I finally am having a few days outta the chamois to let all the hard work soak in.  This last month has been a solid smattering of V02 intervals combined with long steady rides in between my physical therapy sessions.  Although I am tired right now I feel confident of my current condition, being exactly where I want to be at the start of February.  I must admit I'm a little itchy to race right now, but know that the time will come soon enough.

I truly can't say enough about the PT work I have been doing with Lee since December, with last week starting a new style of treatment called air cupping to the complement the regular acupuncture work.  Like acupuncture, it's another ancient Chinese practice to help release and promote blood flow to tight and.knotted muscles that have become that way over time.  If massage works by applying downward pressure to the muscle belly, then air cupping works the opposite way, pulling the tissue upwards to help break apart the fibers.  So silicon edged cups are place on the area (in my case all along either side of the spine) and the trapped air is suctioned out with a pump, creating a vacuum effect.  Sure it felt kinda weird (and left me with a human twister-mat-look for about a week) but I certainly came out of it feel pretty darn straight.  Google it for some more information, but it's pretty interesting stuff.  Onwards and upwards I say.

Heading up to the Fort tmw for a couple of days riding with the team which I am looking forward to getting out on the road with the guys.  I really think we can make an impact on the NRC schedule this year and get some results.

Album of the Week:  Oasis  "Dig Up Your Soul".

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