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09 November 2009

Whip It.

Monday morning and for whatever reason I stumbled upon this. Halloween show last week in Philly....too funny. Tis quite the big deal out here Halloween, and I did have plans to take photos of all the wacky house decorations and such out here but I never got around to it. There was this one house out towards Golden that had at least 8 fake people in their front yard, ranging from zombies to scarecrows and a bloke sitting on a rocking chair with no head. Pretty creative and fun for the kids I suppose. The past week has flown by and we are already at the start of the new one...yes sir they are definitely rolling along and it will be Xmas before I know it.

Still a big question mark as to what colours (spelled with a 'u', see folks I still have my Aussie heritage!) I will be representing next year. A few options at the moment on the cards but still in the planning stages which I'm not sure how comfortable I am with that! Patience...patience....

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