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22 November 2009

All Aboard.

Okay so it's not that obvious at all that I've finally been able to lock-down a new ride for 2010. I'm sure you can hardly guess I'm excited about it too! The red and black of Boulder based Team Rio Grande will be my new home and they have some big plans for next year which I'm pumped to be a part of. Our race schedule will focus on all the big time NRC stage races and along with a few new names on the roster we will be a force to be reckoned with. Naturally I want to extend a huge thanks to the G-Train and Jon for my time spent racing for RMCEF/Westside over the last two seasons, and also Steve at Giant for supplying some super fast steeds....thanks heaps guys!

Training has kicked up a notch thanks to some large volume weeks from the super-coach. Weather hasn't been too bad, I mean we have had some snow but the roads clear quite quickly and sure makes the hills look pretty! Kat has discovered Cost-Plus World Market which has the following items on the shelves and essentially made it to our cupboards pretty quickly...ahhh a taste of home!

We got some new couches and the instructions they came with were priceless....

Off to Virginia tmw for my first Thanksgiving..aka..Turkey Day...stay tuned...!


cammo said...

great job mate! can't believe you get to travel to every race by train!

Chris Winn said...

Thanks Royson...any good at shovelling the coal??

Mak said...

hey mate nice one on landing a team for 010.... will have more incentive to watch whats going down in the US of A on 2 wheels.... have a great thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

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