Chris Winn: Ramblings From The Road


21 October 2009

Back To It.

It snowed over night here in Denver and made my morning commute on the scooter a little more time consuming after putting a stack of layers on. Six to be exact. I'm learning how to deal with such frosty-ness, although it was a little stingy on the face blasting through at 40mph with the falling snow. So I am back to training this week, and completed my third workout this morning. Needless to say my planning skills aren't quite there yet, having eaten all my 'normal day' food straight after my workout, forgetting that I need to pack enough for two. The legs have responded just like I thought they would after a semi active 5 weeks off. Damn, I can't believe it's been that long since the last race at Univest. Either way I'm motivated and keen to cross all the t's and dot the i's in preparation for 2010 season. I figure it's going to be a long winter if I worry about how cold/crappy/snowy/blizzard-y it might be outside, so I'll just stick the head down and get'er done. Seems like a good plan to


Kat said...

But you'll love the random 60-degree days we get in December & January

roy said...

hi roy, just dropped in at mums to drop off the burg dog, he is getting a rest for a while cause i am driving sean's car for a bit. over and out, hope things are good!!