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06 September 2009

Steamboat Springs Stage Racing!

So a prologue and two (tough) stages down things have been going okay for my second last race for the season. I say second last with the news last week that I have been confirmed to once again guest ride with Team Rio Grande at Univest Grand Prix, a three day UCI race in Philly next week! Should be a great way to round out the season....and a long season at that, now that I think back to my first race this year being on the 1st of Jan.....9mths..solid. And boy am I starting to feel it!

So SBSR has been pretty cool so far, starting off with a short 9km prologue where I managed to finish on my lucky number of 14. The first circuit race stage was pretty brutal in the heat of the day and at 67ooft. Climb. Descend. Repeat. Pretty straight foward and Ben Day of Fly V schooled us all winning by 4mins. Todays 110km road stage once again he showed he has some killer form, pretty much sitting on the front all day as we were strung out single file. I had a better day than yest, maybe sneaking into the top ten although waiting on results. 60min downtown crit tmw and we'll call it good. Two days home then fly to Univest! Time to go lie down.


Anonymous said...

You married yet?

Chris Winn said... wanna be the best man?

Kat said...

I should hope not, because I know nothing about it.