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16 August 2009

Rocking With Rio.

Life is very good in camp Rio Grande! So today was the first real day in Utah after the relatively short 8hr drive to SLC yesterday. Funny how similar travelling in the Rio G van is to the RMCEF mobile....hmmm that would be a sweet match up on the quarter mile..a Chevy vs. a Ford....anyways....We reccon'd some of the first stage climbs today and they were pretty awesome. My legs also agreed which I was happy about. We also drove up the Snowbird climb that will be the stage 4 finish...kinda similar to Donna B back home although not as flat on the second section and a lot less tree coverage....and not at 8100ft...okay so maybe not that similar! Planning to look at some more stages tmw before the prologue on Tues....over n'

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