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21 July 2009

Whitnall Park.

Right now this post is written while listening to the new PJ single "The Fixer". If I was a bit more computer savvy I'm sure you could having it playing straight from the site, but you can hear it here if you like...needless to say I'm excited.

So the first two races of Superweek have gone very well for me. Although I didn't have a great finish result at Schlitz Park, I knew the legs were starting to come on a little and I was hell motivated to have a good day out at the Whitnall Park circuit race. After a few laps of letting te legs get going I moved to the front and helped instigate (finally!) the first break that stuck, along with 5 others we were off the front for 4 laps until 6 more had bridged across to us. Sensing this was my best chance for a top finish I made sure I drilled the small climb to keep things going and keep us out of sight of the peloton. As far as a break goes we were large at 13 riders, but we were pretty stacked to say the least. Meatball and Dekkers from Garmin, two KBS riders, Huff from JBC, one of the flying Sth Africans and former Toyota rider Blackgrove were the danger men to watch out for. Surprisingly the other big team here, Fly V Australia, weren't represented but I was confident enough it would stick.

Once we were clear we were a solid unit for over half the race, and wasn't till three laps to go until Heath lit it up with an attack to split the break. We all jumped and it was clear it was going to come down to a mass final lap sprint up over the hill to the line. It was one of those unassuming finishes for sure, as the line was 400m or so after the crest of the hill, and was much further out than you thought. I gave it the gas as much as I could coming home 9th and happy to crack a top ten result out here.

Road race today....150 big ones..lets hit


Ryan said...

Dude, Congrats! After seeing firsthand what those races are like I'm in awe of your ride. Keeping one's skin is enough to be happy about, but nabbing a top ten? Way to be!

Chris Winn said...

Thanks mate...good work on the commitment getting into cascade eh...bummer about the tt flat but go smash it up at nats instead!