Chris Winn: Ramblings From The Road


26 May 2009

Road Guardian.

Awhile ago I was contacted by Joe Mizereck in regards to his campaign called "3 Feet Please". It aims to save cyclists lives by educating drivers with a jersey he designed advertising to give at least three feet passing room. We have all dealt with poor drivers, close calls and sometimes worse, so I was more than happy to help Joe get the word out. This week Joe has contacted me once more with a new project,, aiming to create a worldwide tool to help cyclists report, mark and share cycling incidents and trouble spots. Makes real sense to have some knowledge before venturing out onto new roads that could potentially be a danger for us lycra clad bandits.....we're always going to come off second best when it comes to cars. For me, anything to help make cycling safer out on the roads is absolutely worthwhile. So check it out....and be careful out

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