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16 April 2009

Sea Otter.

Here we are. I've always wanted to race the Otter. Always. And I guess I always envisioned I would but on a dirt bike, not a skinny tired one. Needless to say it's great to be here nonetheless, and I am writing this from some great host housing literally 5 minutes from Laguna Seca race track. The event seems huge, although I haven't really ventured into tent city yet, looking from a distance there is a real circus going on. Rode the RR loop today and it's a tough little bugger for sure. Only 70miles but really rolly-style climbs that will be nasty fast. Criterium this afternoon first but, so should be a good chance to open the legs and lungs after 20hrs sitting in a car the last few days. Love what you do, do what you love I say.

So the challenge is on not only racing the two wheels, but on the ping pong table also. After spending many a lunch time while teacher playing the pong, our host was super keen for some matches. Currently the score is 0-3 which sucks but I just am in stuggletown on my serve. It's just a little plain-jane and is hurting my game big time. But I'm pretty determined to win at least one game before we leave...just sometime

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