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02 March 2009

Riding The Wave.

Things have been flat out the last few days and won't really stop until I get on the plane. Raced G-Vale last Sunday for my last hit out. Felt good compared to racing there the week before and ended up in a solid break for most of the race, before being caught and out gunned in the sprint. Somehow I don't think my chicken legs will ever win a sprint there no matter how many squats I do over the summer. The bro came out to watch which was good, and once again was impressive behind the lens. Career change perhaps Roy? Oh and he updated his blog for the first time in 12 years so if you want to go and waste more time he's linked on the right there.

So fly back to Denver on Thursday and hanging to be back with Kat again. Not to mention team training camp with the lads in Moab in a few weeks time. Looking forward to a big season


green said...

i think you mean my link is on the right tiger!!

TheKillerAnt said...

All the very best chief, have fun and look forward 2 catching u when u return 4 visits ;-)