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20 March 2009

Performance. Style. Smith. Solid.

So I have been a Smith athlete for quite sometime now. Since first year U23 if I recall correctly, and each year their products have always impressed me, and most importantly, have never let me down. Sounds like a silly statement that a pair of sunglasses could let you down right? But think of it this way, if I am pinning down a shady decent at 80km/h on my roadie, I want the best vision and optical clarity as possible. Similarly, if I am out on the trails with constantly changing light conditions and varying depth perception, I want something that is reliable that will allow me to track the best path forward. Makes sense right? Combine quality with function and style and that's why I choose Smith.

The V-Ti is pretty much my day in day out staple on the bike choice. Classic shield open style design that matches well with the demands of cycling. Large amount of air flow to combat fogging and enough coverage for protection against wind and random projectiles such as low flying ducks and bunch spittle. Hey, it happens. And the frame is made with titanium so weight is not an issue. But the coolest thing I dig is the Ignitor lens, a rose coloured tint that pretty much covers the majority of conditions brilliantly, unless it is full sun, no cloud or night time conditions. Rest assured, a clear mirror and brown lens comes provided in addition to meet those needs. All in a neat little pouch...just like below. And that's sweet when you're on the road living outta a bag and know they're not going to get crunched.

Option two which is new to the range is the Factor Max. A more casual and relaxed look, and perhaps used more on the weekend roll with a mandatory java stop. Best suited to a smaller face it also runs an open shield style face, but with the lenses swapping out individually. All done very neatly with no chance of scratching the lens.

Off the bike style comes into play. Depending on mood dictates what sits on my head, but lately it has been the all black Bahaus. Bad ass. However if it's nearing the weekend sometimes my limited edition white Cliftons will get a run. Especially if there is an 80's disco happening just never know! So thanks to all the guys at Smith for the continued support and looking forward to a great season

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