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25 March 2009

Snow Time Like The Present.

First the exciting news for the morning. PJ are in the studio for recording of a 9th studio album...out sometime late summer/autumn. Or fall as it is out this way. Either way this ain't too far away..and every young music fan knows that when a new album gets dropped, something even bigger follows! Fingers crossed.

Please play in Denver Ed...please.

So I woke up to snow this morning. There were reports all week for snow to happen and it didn't eventuate, to the point I was convinced the weather guys were taking the piss. So I guess it just hit late, and with schools closing already and words floating around like blizzard and 19inches...this could be fun. Training camp was meant to be in full swing today out at Grand Junction but I think we'll have to play it by ear with the road closures when we'll get there. Note the flip flops in the pic...yep I'm a snow experienced local.

So I still haven't got any good photos from the performance centre up yet despite being in there pretty much everyday. Actually here's one from a fit session yesterday with Garcia getting sorted out by George. Watching George work his magic is fantastic, and with an array of cool gadgets and years of experience I'd recommend him to everyone to go and see him.

Well that's all I have for today...time for another coffee I think. Over N'

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