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07 February 2009

This Is Real.

My home state of Victoria is on fire. It is almost unreal watching the news reports as I type with the amount of damage, destruction, heart break and loss going on out there at the moment. We have been (relatively) safe today here in the Nongs, although on a day where Melbourne reached it's highest ever temperature of 46.4C (115F), no question we have been on full alert. That is the reality living in a beautiful forested area, that like Batman's nemesis, there are two faces. A good one and an bad one. And with continual drought and scorching temps over the last two weeks the land literally has baked. Combine that with the super strong northerly winds we had today and it was no wonder they were saying these were the worst bushfire conditions since Ash Wednesday.

Listening to the CFA channel on the scanner I cannot say enough thanks and praise to all the fire fighters out there who risk their lives and all the associated logistical staff that work tirelessly around the clock. Many of of my regular training routes around the Kinglake and Toolangi areas have been badly affected so it will be a big change next time I venture out that way I'm sure. And meanwhile up north in Queensland they are subject to torrential rainfall and flash floods. Unreal.

Stay cool and and

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