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24 January 2009

Note To Self: Don't Die.

Yes I stole that line from a Ryan Adams track. But yes is was appropriate after today's 5.5hr game of Frogger with shit drivers. Good training session cause I came home alive.

Incident One: Similar to my motorcycle wanker a couple of weeks ago passing a car in the opposite direction lane and coming head on towards me. In my lane.
Incident two: A day dreaming tourist with a child on his shoulders attempting to cross the road in Sassafras. Wake up moron and look.
Incident three: Electical company truck running me off the road giving me no room while passing. I can hold a straight line, but this was ridiculous.

Cadel came out in the press around a month ago stating that Australia is the worst place in the world for cyclist/motorist interaction. Now I've ridden in Europe and I've ridden in the USA and sure, these places aren't completely incident free, but hell after a day like today I'd have to agree with him for sure. There is just no respect out there.

On another note, with Floyd back in the cycling press of late due to getting back on his bike for Team Ouch this year, an old photo resurfaced on a 'comeback article'. And all of a sudden a little incident came flooding back. Who that guy is lurking in the background I'm not too sure!

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