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10 January 2009

The Day Before A Big Day.

I'm sure Kat will laugh at me for changing this site again. To be honest, it was something to do today without thinking too much about Nationals tomorrow. A harmless distraction for the mind before the onslaught tomorrow. And a low energy cost one too at that. But I think despite battling against the constraints of this program and my feeble computer skilled mind I'll settle with this current look for awhile....perhaps! Plus I was told the previous white colour was boring as hell and needed to go. Good colour for bar tape though. So bottles are filled, sunglasses are polished and the chain is lubed and we are good to go for Nationals tomorrow. Should be a grand day out for sure. Not that this is all my grand season peak because it's not, but still it's a race for the green and gold which strikes any Aussie bike rider I think. Training today consisted only of 2hrs on the road with a few short VO2 efforts in there to wake up the system a bit. Hopefully it hasn't fallen asleep after Bay Crits. Actually come to think of it yesterdays training pretty much gave me a heart attack while coasting 40km/h or so down the hill. With two cars coming up the hill towards me, a motorbike decides to pass them both, gunning it into my lane head on. I have had some close calls on the bike with cars, I think everyone who rides bikes does. But this one incident perhaps freaked me out the most as we approached each other at great speed head on. He held his line straight and I held mine, but holy hell it was close and prompted me straight after to pull off the road and take a second to collect myself. Or yell profanities to the sky on just how close I had been to ending up severely broken in hospital or worse. This guys passed two cars, uphill, over double lines and with oncoming traffic. What a dumb ass. Time to go to bed. Stay

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