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06 December 2008

Saturday Night Round' Nine.

Post Tali Karng I got to do an airport run the next morning and pick up Miss Garner. It was pretty funny all week as my hiking students were all razzing me that we weren't going to make it back out and I'd miss picking her up. That's when I decided I'd be the tail of the group on the walk out and crack the whip. I figured I'd push the van if it broke down, carry the injured or do whatever it took so we made it back safe. Kinda along the lines of those stories where a mother suddenly gains super-human strength to lift a car off a kid...that sort of thing ya know.

Although the week was short I didn't care. Anytime we spend together is precious, and being an unplanned trip it was all the more greater. Thanks to Joby who sent over a 'Colorado Care Package' full of cool little bits and pieces...including genuine burrito tortillas! Thanks mate! We packed our days pretty well and even though the weather wasn't quite sufficient for tanning we spent most of our time outdoors. I'd post more photos but they are all on Kat's camera.

This is the official mascot that lives in the PE offices at school. Must be nearing the end of the year I'd say...
Training is motoring along at a nice pace although I am very out of form in picking the right clothing, sweating it up big time today after the grey clouds went and the sun came out. Which reminds me of the disturbing event this week in seeing someone out on their bike with their shorts inside out. Yes. Chamois on the outside. I was shell shocked for almost half an hour. And on that note..peace

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