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22 December 2008

Like An Old Pair Of Jeans.

Yes I'll admit this blog has been a little sucky of late. Well perhaps it's due to my slack ways of thinking about writing something but never quite getting there! Here I am...I made it this time! Gotta keep the dream alive of a column one day... And to kick this post off in fine form...check out this piece of fine machinery I spotted outside my gym yesterday! Old gold for sure.

Style points for the peace symbol brake hanger..yeah dog.

Last weekend was pretty exciting to finally see some warm weather just to remind everyone it is actually summer. And boy did it bring the bicyclists out of the woodwork. It's been amazing to see over the last few years just how popular riding in the Nongs has become. There are dozens and dozens of people smashing up the 1:20 for a coffee in Sassy, in a big bunch heading up over The Wall and a ton of other riders scattered in between. It's unreal to see people getting out and doing some real exercise! The reason I say this is because the other day I caught an ad on the box for the highly popular interactive stand in front of a screen and wave a controller about style video game. You know the one. I've never quite got it for some reason. The game I saw being promoted was skateboarding and it just blew my mind away. It cracked me to think that kids would want to do this rather than ACTUALLY go outside on a real skateboard and tear it up. In the fresh air of all places. Away from a TV would you believe. Crazy talk. I'm not sure if I'm living in the 80's or putting on my official Nongs hippie t-shirt with this one...but come on! It makes me wonder just how many kids will receive virtual exercise to the real thing this Christmas. I am getting old?

I hit up two big mountain loops over the weekend and it was magic. I revisited some very old roads that I hadn't done in maybe 12mths or more and it was happy dayz. Even though the legs were a little pulped from a bunch of JH efforts mid week, it still was rad to be out there minus the rain jacket for once this week. Bring on summer.

Giant wooden swooping eagle. Believe it or not.

I gotta credit Kat for forwarding this to me yesterday. I though it was pretty cool. So from me to you, wishing everyone a safe and happy Christmas. Thanks for reading...keep it rubber side down. Cheers, cw.

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