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27 December 2008

He's Been There Through It All.

My little camera that has served me well over the past few years of globe trotting and happy snapping seems to have died. Yes it still turns on, but the lens has a mind of it's own zooming in and out, with no picture showing up in the view finder. Coughing it's last breath perhaps? To be honest I am surprised it has lasted this long. Almost three and a half years I think. Ok so we live in a age where things are fairly expendable, I mean most major appliances and such aren't built to last. Otherwise the companies would be in struggle town if their products lasted for ages and no one needed to buy replacements. Go figure.

So my little mate called Sony has definitely seen more than his fair share of sweaty jersey pockets in his time. Mud, rain, sun and even snow the little guy has copped it all, bouncing around and pulled out from time to time. But he soldiered on through it all. There was the incident in Colorado last year where he seemed to take a turn for the worse giving us all a big scare, but miraculously made a recovery back to full function the next day. To be honest I knew things weren't looking good of late. Cosmetically he deteriorated a lot after the wet outing at the You Yangs, losing is shiny top coating like bits of glitter. So farewell little buddy, thanks for all the memories (literally) it's been fun.

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