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01 November 2008

The Hills Are Alive.

Man it was quite busy up the mountain today with tons of bicyclists of all types out and about. Kinda good to see and gives us a little more presence amongst the hordes of rubber necking tourists. I've been laying pretty low this week trying to delicately balance some light training with an impending sickness coming on. Think I've made it through unscathed but it has been a busy week trying to juggle a few different on going projects for 2009 and being back teaching the youth of the nation not to be lazy. Sure was nice to be out in the sunshine today tho.

In more exciting news however, Kat has been able to confirm a short visit out here at the end of the month! With the dollar dropping here it has only meant good things for our international travelling visitors, and with a unbelievably cheap deal on a flight I am pretty darn excited to say the least. Especially when things happen so randomly in a short space of time. Not sure if the Halloween dice costume will make it.

Boulder hosts the next round of the USGP CX series today and Kat will once again volunteer this year so stay tuned for the inside word. Raby pulled a top 15 at Kentucky so hopefully he can sneak closer to the top 10 in his home state.

This guy kicks off his National series campaign this weekend in Rad-elaide. Word was he doubled flatted for the XC but hopefully he can bring some heat for the STXC today.

New 'Blackbox' technology from SRAM has created into the fastest, lighest and most advanced chapstick in the world.

Oh and a final note, after last years shameful attempt, 'Movember' will not be undertaken by yours truly and will be left to those who can. Word. cw.

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