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10 September 2008

In Black, White and Read.

So the last few days have been pretty darn interesting in the world of cycling news. Lance on the come back trail and out of retirement for a shot at the 09' Tour. Pretty amazing stuff and I guess the whole world will be interested in whether he can actually pull it off. Great for positive cycling press. 37 and still hungry for some suffering. I guess you could pin it on a super competitive personality that you just can't keep down. And then this morning I read Landis will be back next year on the roster of a newly sponsored Health-Net Team. That's awesome. I mean it's awesome that Health-Net found a replacement sponsor for next year. To me, new sponsors coming into cycling and keeping guys in jobs is always a good news story.

Went mtbing yesterday on a secret Heidemann loop out in Waterton Canyon. Managed to borrow a NRS carbon dually (thanks Bobby!) and had a ball on some pretty sweet singletrack. The only thing was I had to keep reminding myself of the opposite brake set-up which provided only a few moments of panic! But after a season of skinny tires and hard roads it sure was nice to get lost in pine forest and tackle some dirt and rocks. As for photos...well, I had my camera with me, but the problem was when you have too much fun the idea of stopping to take a shot just wasn't on the cards!

Gotta finish tweaking Kat's CX bike today before going down to the local training sessions

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