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26 September 2008

Familiar Stomping Grounds.

I am home back in FC. And it is pretty frickin' cold to say the least! Okay so there has been a little sunshine about, but the air temperature is definately non compliant with the bones at the moment!

Sure it is nice to be home but it is almost a double edged sword too, leaving Kat behind... again. We both agree that we would rather have it like this than to have never met each other at all. Yes it is tough, very tough, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel with a few exciting plans in place than can hopefully develop over the next few months. Where there is a will there is a way.

Took to the roads with the bro a few times this week, probably a little too ambitious for the body after stepping off a plane but it was fun nonetheless. It's funny to be at opposite ends of the spectrum, with him gearing up for the Aussie mtb season just around the corner, where I am in a little more relax-o mode after my US season is over.

The new Kings Of Leon has been on fairly high rotation on my now mono speaker I-Pod speakers after from what I can only assume what was a rough transit home. Actually speaking of the transit home, the situation arriving at Melbourne airport was just insane the amount of people that were collecting baggage and then needed to be processed through customs. After waiting 50mins for my bike to finally arrive the line to clear customs snaked through the whole baggage claim area. Anyone who has flown would know that that place is quite large and it was jam packed. It would have at least been another 1-2hrs of line/processing time if not it had been for the nice lass who stamped my card and sent me out the back door. It was pretty funny cause I had to walk with all my junk against the grain of the line and there were a lot of unhappy people.

See you out on the

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