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20 September 2008

As The Clock Ticks.

Okay, first of all you HAVE to check this out! The bro has gone to the next level of Bendigo madness with some comedic gold. I won't steal his thunder by posting the pics here, but do check out the link!

As for me time is running out before my time in the US ends. Like one day left before the plane leaves the hanger for Melbourne town. The bags are semi packed and the bike will be after just one more sneaky ride after breakfast on this fine Colorado morning. This week Kat and I headed down to Durango for a bit of a vacation (I got corrected on calling it a 'holiday') for a few days. We stayed on this sweet horse ranch a little ways out of town. A very peaceful and unique little place that pretty much every structure inside was made of pine. Days were spent exploring about town, and with a reported 2000 miles of singletrack surrounding, we hit the trails on foot and on bike. Home to T-Wells, T Brown and H-Ball you can see why this place is popular, with some sweet riding starting right on the fringe of suburbia. Unfortunately the photos we took may not ever surface, with Kat's camera making a leap from Camelbak to who knows where on the trail. Damn.

It could work...right?

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Kat said...

Lance to Astana? What a letdown. Team Livestrong would have been much more excitnig!