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22 August 2008

It's Been Waay To Long...

Since a list has come out....Sep 06' wasn't that long ago was it?

  • Kat's new CX Bike. Green and mean. And still in transit. Hurry up UPS so I can ride it before she gets home from work.
  • COG "Sharing Space". Loud, proud and Aussie.
  • Batman: The Animated Series. Beats the hell outta most USA TV shows.
  • BMX in the Olympics. I mean Yeti made a BMX bike because of it!
  • Chipoltle 2mins down the street. Who's hungry?
  • CO weather. Ok apart from last weekends 3 day constant rain. Brown as a berry.
  • SRAM Hammerschmidt. That thing still blows my mind thinking about it. What's next?
  • New KOL on the horizon. I mean any song title 'Sex on Fire' has gotta be rockin, right?
  • Davis getting a gig with Quick-Step. Good news story.
  • "Vantage Point" flick. Saw it the other day and was impressed. Takes a lot for a movie with out a bicycle theme to impress me.
  • Gateway Cup next week....hello under lights crit racing!
  • My ground turkey pasta sauce last week. Secret ingredient of part salsa saved the day when no other tomato sauce was located in the cupboard despite what one first thought.


  • Waiting for UPS.
  • The "Birdsnest" stadium in Beijing....come on...I made the same thing when I dropped the box of fettachini the other day.
  • The scooter keeping on leaking oil despite my valiant attempts to fix it.
  • Did I mention waiting for UPS?
  • CO radio. Terrible. Occasional flashes of goodness. Mostly though, terrible. Nickleback and Staind..yeah you get the picture.
  • Skype today. Can't even have a good line to Boulder, 40mins up the road.
  • Coffee. Well my inability to stop being a tight-ass and buying cheap stuff and then complain about it for the next 3 weeks.
  • One month left today.

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Anonymous said...

For better Colorado radio, check out 1190 AM.