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20 August 2008

Filling The Gaps Inbetween

Training has been solid this week, and this guy has been a bit of a new afternoon buddy of mine. We upgraded last week thanks to the magic of Craigslist, the US version of the Trading Post. That thing is pretty much filling our living room. You can see the old box on the left. I don't need to wear my glasses anymore. So I'm slowly warming to watching more Olympics, hopefully we get some decent coverage of the mtb race this week. BMX is on tonight and I'm definitely up for that. Speaking of BMX check out this bad boy. Sweet as. Although my favourite TV viewing at the moment, and it's not "I Want To Work For P Diddy", seems to be the cartoons.

Batman; The Animated Series is taking high priority. Yes, I was a cartoon kid. Still am I think. Somehow the 22mins of drama in Gotham City works pretty well with the post ride fatigue. Just enough time before I fall asleep.

Today I finally took the post ride helmet hair to the next level. I call this styling the 'Bell Sweep'

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