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06 July 2008

This Is Colorado Racing.

You gotta smile when you turn up to a local Sunday crit here in CO and you get a field of 90 riders....and is stacked to the mega with big time pros. By stacked I mean guys there by the name of Danielson, Stevic, Day, White, Garcia, Donald, Blackgrove, Zaijeck...I mean the list goes on! Needless to say the racing was frickin' hard as hell on the most technical course I have ridden this year. Somehow we came out with an average of 44km/h over a seven corner course (some less than 90deg) and it was one for the bike handlers that's for sure. Somehow despite feeling crappy most of the race I think I came out having a pretty good day. I mean easily two thirds of the field got shelled and I finished 23rd with the chase group after Toyota made a clean sweep. Somebody give that team a replacement title sponsor next year...I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

In other news I made it to a Rockies game last night. Man it was schweet. We totally schooled the Marlins. Saw two broken bats, a dummy spit helmet/bat/glove throw and some mega home runs. Baseball is fun kids.

And thats about it. The Tour rules, especially watching it while eating breakfast not like the early hours in the morning back home in Oz. It is wet today and I am tired out. Some rollers, good food and some more sleep I think.

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