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14 July 2008

Java Days Spent Racing Away.

The weeks are rolling on with plenty of riding, racing and coffee consumed. The Colorado State Criterium Champs went well last Sunday, and suddenly there is the slight possibility of the F-word on the upcoming horizon. Form. 25th was the finish-line result, okay, but during the race I was somehow able to snare three separate primes with some new found sprinting ability. Kinda nice to explore some new avenues in this wacky game called bike racing. This week will see the gas right off the pedal before leaving for Superweek on Sat. From all reports it should be a stack of fun and a week of hard racing.

So not much is on for me this, rest and rest. Lucky the Tour is on. Lator, Winston.

PS- Thanks for the last post comments people, I sometimes wonder if people read this thing anymore!

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Like on those THX adds that play when your at the movies.........'the audience is listening'.

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