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28 June 2008

Lights Are On...Intermission Folks..

So it has taken me at least until Saturday to finally start to feel like normal again. It's been nice to have this break week and get some little jobs finished and also get out and explore minus the lycra. Enjoy the pics, it's my rest week so I dont have to write so much!

Cheers everyone...thanks for stopping by, Winston.

Seeing these fellas were awesome. And we were close too, a little too close!

Soon to be appearing on 'So you think you can dance'

Don't jump little fella!

Nice park ya clown...who would have figured..large SUV's in underground car parks..?

If only I had headlights....

Life is Good.


Anonymous said...


man ive always wanted to see a big crazy grizzly bear in real life..from the safety of an observation area of course ;)

looks awesome, enjoy ur rest, keep up the good work in the races - happy healing with ur wrists too!!

oh yeah, good 2 c u hitting up the bbq too ;)

Anthony Peacock

Ben Raby said...

How did the Sram hat like the zoo?
Rest up fella. See ya round. Peak to Peak this week?