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08 May 2008

The Sweat Descends.

Here in a swank hotel in Fayetteville, Arkansas for Joe Martin NRC and well, from the dryness and altitude of Gila last week this is a different kettle of fish altogether. Very lush green surroundings in a muggy and humid atmosphere. This place is sweet and the roads are awesome. Too bad I forget my camera cable to post some pics. Oh and we are at like 400m so hello oxygen again! Rooming with ex Kodak-Sierra pro and super nice guy Ben Raby and his wife Sarah, who proved to be great travel partners, especially with their stash of high quality food for the 10hr haul across yesterday. And to make things even better Kat is here too. TT today was short and sweet. 4km uphill and balls out all the way. Still waiting on results but I think I felt semi decent and left it in the dog for the duration. Sleep now. 177 big ones in the soupy air

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