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27 May 2008

Sucking Fumes With A Side Of Belgium Toothpaste....

...or in other words, motor pacing out in the rain. Being Memorial Day long weekend we took full advantage of the extra day and fired up the scooter in some pretty crappy weather. Fun was had and pain was inflicted, hopefully it put some speed in the legs before continuing racing this weekend with Tulsa Tough Crits in Oklahoma. Some big $ up for the races which should make for some crazy racing. Not sure how the form is but the motivation is high so we'll see how things go.
Went and saw the new Indy Jones movie yesterday...not bad at all. I don't think they ruined it like the Rocky comeback a few years ago, but it lacked that magic of the old movies that's for sure. In other unexciting news team mate Ed got knocked off last week and ended up in the ER. Apparently some clown decided to pull a U-turn in a main street. No broken bones luckily but some pretty nice bruising and soreness. Be careful out there kids....lator, cw.

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