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30 April 2008

Stage One: Tour Of Gila.

Blown to bits. Really not much else to say really. Whether it was the 12hr drive the day before down to New Mexico, the 7000ft or whatever, I felt pretty darn lousy today in some ragged conditions. More friggin wind and mixed with some pretty warm temps and some hell fast racing with the big teams out to play. My lungs felt like they were full of razor blades, unable to take a solid breath and I spent the last half of the race swapping off in a small group of fellow shelled/blown/smoked riders. With so much wind and spring time it could some crap in the air that my body is not loving so much. Oh and to make it even more fun I spent 45km with no water. Love that glue mouth feeling. The last climb was brutal 9km and I was creepin hard..way hard.

So, well, tmw's another day, and hopefully I find whatever the hell I was missing today. Maybe it was n the sweet authentic Mexican we smashed for dinner earlier. Hello NRC big time stage racing...lator, cw.

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K_10 said...

keep pluggling away at it winny!!! Hey, if it helps, its friggin freezing here too at the moment, not as cold as co, but near enough for the likes of us melbournians....