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19 May 2008

The Ears Are Still Ringing.

It has been a massive last three days and Monday morning writing this I'm am in the hurt locker...big time. Friday my new buddy Raby took my on some canyon climbing Boulder style. Riding up to the famous Peak to Peak highway and across to Nederland was so awesome, and the lack of oxygen kept me mixing up my words which was pretty funny. Ben said he couldn't even remember me doing it so I guess we were both pretty far gone. Best part of the day was the free coke found in the machine dispenser at Wondervu. Yeehah.

Saturday Kat raced on the dirt at Bear Creek Park which was sweet being so close to home we just rolled on down there after breakfast. She was looking the goods on the first lap until her chain got munched in the stay and it was day over. No neutral support out there folks. But on the other hand we did see a wild coyote on the way out there so that was pretty sweet. Too fast for the camera tho.

Saturday was also a special day in the fact it was our one year anniversary. Unbelievable. So we headed back up to Boulder for a burrito at Illegal Petes where we first met, and then Kat had secretly organised a night at an Alpine B&B....ain't she the greatest!

Sunday it was time to think about racing the bike with a conveniently located crit just outside Boulder in Loiusville. Kat had the best race I have seen her in, blocking in the bunch for her team mate in the winning break of three, and then smashing it in the field sprint and coming home fourth! We didn't race till like 5:30pm which was a hoot, but there was a solid local field and also Henk and Heath which were the obvious guns to watch. I felt okay but nothing special, testing the waters in a few breaks that didn't stick. Luckily team-mate Eddie found the right one and took a third for the day and put the new RMCEF kit on the box. I was happy to keep my skin in the bunch after a stupid crash with two laps to go.

As soon as i'd crossed the line it was straight to the car to pin it home to unload and then for me to head into downtown for the Mars Volta gig. Oh man. What can I say. These guys were amazing, the best live show I have ever seen. Every single musician in that band is a genius and are zen masters of their instruments. Cedric was off trolley as expected, and pretty much from the opening gun wandered into the crowd dancing and hanging off the side railings and such. The show was intense and featured a good mix off all of the albums, plus plenty of improv. madness as you would expect. Omar is the most incredible guitar player I have ever heard, and seeing him just tear the stage apart live was awesome....and don't get me started on the drummer. Check out the you tube links if you want to see just what the hell I am rambling about....

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