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24 April 2008

The Wide Open Road

Yesterday I ventured the furthest into the mountains since I have been here. The weather was good with no snow threat and I headed out up through Golden Gate Canyon. What a killer road, bout 30kms of climbing, starting out at just over 6000ft and finishing at 9300ft. Yeah needless to say I was feeling it at the top that's for sure. I mean the road never got super steep but I was in the box with the lack of oxygen. I was just happy too not to freeze my ass off coming back down compared to some of the rides in the first few weeks of being here. Hopefully that white stuff from the sky is done for awhile now.

My new bike rocks. After being on it for a few weeks now I am more and more enjoying just how light and fast it is. It's taken hardly anytime at all to adjust to the position changes and it feels so good to lay the smack down when in the it should be. The thing is just so friggin' stiff that there is no power loss. The SRAM Force works flawlessly, plus the carbon parts looks badass with the black carbon frame...stealth to the mega people..
This weekend is another double header of racing, with Deer Trail RR on Sat then a crit up in Boulder on Sunday. For most guys it will be the last hit out before Tour Of The Gila, a sweet 5 day NRC stage race next week down in New Mexico and my first road trip with the team. One hell of a lot of climbing and altitude action down there apparently, hopefully the legs are up for

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