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14 April 2008

Tokyo Joes Spring Criterium.

Yesterday it was time to open the US race season account with the Tokyo Joes Spring Criterium, held only 30min down the road in Golden. For those who have been reading these reports for awhile, you would know I spent many fun years racing with Yeti Cycles on the dirt, which are of course, hand made in right in that very town. So I found it quite funny to say the least that the weekend’s race circuit looped around the industrial circle where the actual factory is located. The crit course itself was very straight forward, a 1km non-technical loop with a nice little uphill finish. Honestly I had no expectations coming into the race, merely looking forward to opening the lungs and brushing the cobwebs out, but one thing I learned quickly is just how competitive racing in Colorado is. With scattered entries from riders in pro teams such as Slipstream, Health-Net / Maxxis, Bissell and Toyota-United, it was going to be a grand day out that was for sure. How could 5.30pm Sunday night be spent doing anything else other than going completely cross-eyed in pain with a bunch of other blokes in lycra?

Off the blocks this were looking good early, with the legs floating along as the flurry of attacks were brought back with the bunch keeping a tight leash on things. Staying up the front and out of trouble it was clear with a strong sprinkle of pro’s that these were the guys to watch, and the guys to follow into hopefully successful breaks. Around 15 laps in I somehow managed to slip away with a strong group, which featured some heavy hitters such as former Mob Cyclery rider now Slipstream-er Jason Donald, Frank Pipp (Health Net), a coupla Bissell boys and one other bloke with ‘Vogels’ written on the back of his jersey. Clearly I was batting way above my league but the legs were good and the motivation was high to stay there for as long as possible. Although the break was sticking at around 25sec from the bunch, the internal organization was a little messy with not everyone wanting to work. Still I lasted good majority of the race up there, before the constant aggressive riding from Pipp and Vogels split the break into two. Sure enough, the second group that included myself was soon swallowed up by the bunch. After a little time spent hiding to catch my breath I was determined to finish strong in the bunch kick, especially being slightly uphill to the line. Being in a fairly good position but lacking the sprinting firepower I ended the day in 17th, and more than happy with the day’s efforts. On the whole, our team rode strong and we featured in most break aways of the race.

Leading the break...

Where the magic happens...wonder what's cooking inside..?

Happy to see this guy after 75 times...

Kat and team-mate Jon fire up the grill for the first time during the week too...right on!

Well the sun is out and there is some warmth in the air. Looks like this week is going to be pretty good and one spent with out leg warmers, jackets and arctic-grade gloves....lator, cw.


K_10 said...

Nice new colours you got going there. Congrats on the first race.

Anonymous said...

heya winny, things are looking good for u right now, sweet new bike, sweet new position - good 2 hear ;)

always a great read and super to hear that u'v started ur racing!!

take care over there
Anthony Peacock

Anonymous said...

Can't beleieve you just let Vogel's disrespect you like that........that result is unacceptable - love the blue though.

Did you have your tap on? Publish some numbers so us mere mortals can marvel at the power of the once happy pant wearing kid come international pro.

Stay safe over there mate.


Anonymous said...

Hay stein "DID YOU KNOW" that our old mate George used to be an actor in Hollywood...... Yeap the big time. Tell Oldmate Georgie boy that Pezza Says "HI"
oh yeah and I see you found the factory...... Now get Ryan or the boys at the factory to take you down the Enchanted Forest......... One of Pezza's all time favourites.... rip it bloke

Anonymous said...

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