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25 April 2008

From Green To Gold!

Well just this morning I posted bout Treva moving into the Young Riders Jersey with the hope that he could potentially match a yellow jersey with that green....and 5hrs later it happens! The Aussies are killing it on Anzac Day over here!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Winny, great to read all ur posts lately mate, how crazy is all this aussie stuff in georgia!!
I'm gonna be glued to the 'latest' button on cyclingnews tonight for that street circuit stage in georgia. Go Trent, my tip is he should wear those fugly sunnies from the podium for the actual race just for added effect :) (or lend them to the z-man cos with his mo they would make the prettiest picture hey)
You keep up the good work & keep the posts coming.
Anthony Peacock