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01 April 2008

Alive And Kicking.

Flying into Denver marked my 6th international plane trip (not including Tasmania) and probably one of the most ordinary (if plane time is ever any good). I was the lucky guy who got the front row centre seat straight below the projector screen which was hell annoying trying to sleep and limited the leg room being a wall not seats to stretch the legs under. And when the guy next to me came on and proceeded to unpack his hand luggage with tissues, cough drops and throat lozenges I was even more pumped. Ah well, perks of the job, but in the end it really didn't matter. All that mattered that I was on my way back to the girl I love after 6.5mths and a full season of bike racing ahead of me. Things picked up on the last leg however, getting the window seat coming into stunning CO and landing with some light snow falling on the tarmac. And of course Kat waiting there! Yeah!
So with light snow it was quite the change coming from an Aussie summer, although the last week in town the weather was a little ordinary but not quite this cold! That was yesterday, and today is today, looking out the window there is sun on the peaks but still very very fresh.

First stop after the airport was perhaps the greatest food eatery this side of the universe- Chipoltle. For those who haven't heard me ramble on about this place before (or even seen the menu I swiped last year) it is a fast food burrito joint. American fast food I know what you are thinking, but this stuff is truly another level - quality tortillas, fresh salsa, rice, beans etc. makes for one sweet package kids. Damn.

Still enjoying the effects of jet lag, getting up a 3.30am last night was fun, although I don't feel too bad today. It will be a busy week however with Kat moving out of her apartment into a new house...but im so pumped to be back here.


Anonymous said...

Hey mate, Goot to hear you made it there ok!have fun with the jet lag.all the best mate an keep in touch.all the best an enjoy!

Mak said...

OK Im jealous, real mexican food, snow nearby and nothing to do bar ride are in heaven Mr Winn

Anonymous said...

i dont care what you have to do but just send me a burrito, i am starving and having chipotle flashbacks!! oh yeah, hi kat

Gunsle said...
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Gunsle said...

I gotta try this Chipotle shit.

Hey Winny, goto the local 'drug store' (i.e. Ozzie Chemist) and buy a heat pack, U know those ones that get hot when u snap them, Then buy me and Green a Burrito each and FedEX them to us plz. It'll make a wicked Friday Night 'Le Tour' Dinner. The Heatpack should be good for a day or two.
Either that or Freeze one and buy a freeze pack and we'll just give it a good 60secs in the Nuker when it gets here...

KK thnx.

Damn if they're half as good as an 'In-N-Out Burger' place then they'll be good. But I didn't see any Chipotles in San Jose or Santa Monica. Dammit.

BTW. Glad u made it safe, I know what u mean about the seat, my return trip from CA had some sort of vent on the floor and I had to squeeze my foot over, the smallest things are annoying on a 15hr flight.