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27 March 2008

As The Clock Ticks.

Only 3 days left now before I board the big bird in the sky and touch down in the land of burritos, Budweiser and 'the boss'. After years of travelling with Perren back in the Yeti days I think i learned a fair bit from the man in the art of packing and being organised. Definitely a worthwhile apprenticeship. So i find myself almost at a point where im scratching my head this week that I have maybe forgotten to do something. I guess the strangest feeling is the fact I wont be taking a bike over with me. For once I will be a 'normal' traveller with just a bag and I'm quite looking forward to not crossing my fingers waiting in front of the 'Oversize Baggage' doors at my destination. Sadly I'll miss out on getting those odd looks from the public lugging a massive bag or box around the terminals tho...never forget one trip where one J Dwyer had some lady convinced we had boxes full of cricket bats...hook, line and sinker...good times. So I will be riding a Giant TCR Advanced Team this season, being the team's weapon of choice over the last few years. For the past coupla months I have been lucky enough to borrow the bro's 5yr old 9spd Avanti Kona to train and race on after saying goodbye to the infamous Yeti/Dale. Sure, not the most fanciest of equipment, but in terms of training it has absolutely kicked ass. I mean it is heavy as all hell and is hard to accelerate and gives me the best satisfaction to finish races on where guys on a carbon whatevers hit the showers early. So hopefully it's been a nice little unique advantage to my preparation for this coming season (remember Rocky and Ivan Drago?), and thanks bro for helping me out in jam.

I have taken the last few days very easy in prepartion for wanting to be fresh for the flight. The memories of my European arrival last year are not forgotten. That first week sucked with one of the worst colds I've had. Speaking of Europe, best of luck to the TIS lads who fly out, well pretty much as I type now back to Varese for another season of chasing finish lines in lycra. Rip it up lads!

Also this weekend the first NORBA kicks off in Fontucky, CA and one venue we hit up last season. To be honest, probably not that fussed that I'm not going back there this year. Sure it was an interesting experience riding a course with graffiti, burnt out cars and broken glass in places, but perhaps something you only want to experience once I reckon! Although from what Ive heard about our first stage race in Nebraska things are a little less that stellar out there too. But then again I haven't been there yet so who mans floor is another mans ceiling as they say. Lator, cw.


Anonymous said...

safe journey and enjoy your burritos! :)

looking forward to hearing about your adventures in the US.

Kat said...

tick tock. tick tock. come on clock tick faster...

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your season in the States, Winnie!! We'll be keeping an eye on your blog.

- The Lowes.

Chris Winn said...