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31 January 2008

From Far and Abroad.

I just gotta start this post to say I pretty darn amazed looking at that funky little website visitor world map that I put up last week. Okay so I must admit perhaps I would have one international hit, but to see that I'm getting traffic from right across the US and some hits from Europe leaves me pretty guess all i can say is thanks everyone for reading and I hope it makes your work day a little more interesting!

Well the work week has begun for us teachers (pretty good eh being the start of Feb) and I've jumped on the communting program big time. Not that my journey is overally long, just there is something about getting straight back on the bike (laughed at by fellow staff members for wearing lycra before you go) and smashing the pedals home. Needless to say the Red Rocket who celebrates is 20th year aniversary in 2008, much respect, will have a quiet life for awhile but then again so will trips the local gas station...and that I can live with.

I hate to use the word busy, everyone is busy doing what they have to do to keep themselves afloat day in day out, but surprisingly I have been adjusting to fitting training around work and visa-versa pretty well..I mean, I guess I haven't collapsed into a heap yet. Then again it's only week two but being a little more experienced in the whislte blowing department is a good feeling than being a first year out stress head trying to remember kids names.

The weekend saw a front up at Glenvale which is alway a good time. With Johnnie and Willy Walker in the field it was going to be a fast time too, with reports of a 45km/h average no doubt thanks to Mr ProTour legs on the front of the bunch. Plus it was good to reminisce on the stories of training with those guys in Italy last year rolling down the down the beach doubt certain events involving late night rider rendevouzs at altitutde camp will live on..but hey, what goes on tour stays on tour right? Either way two of the nicest guys to pedal a bike with.

Lator, cw.


Gunsle said...

It's ok Windy, they discovered that international locator thing was faulty, for some reason the 3 or 4 of us that read you blog were being logged as italy and all over the USA. So don't get too proud yet, I'm sure most of your hits are from Ringwood and Baysie, and of course all your own hits...


Hey when's the D-Part-Ture?

Chris Winn said...

phew..i can put down the dictionary and stop those creative writing classes i just signed up for to learn how to string together a decent sentence..

depart after this first school term is around 8 more weeks or so..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am an international hit, but just a Melbournian mountain biker living in Denmark. Sorry to disappoint. :(

Ash Thomas said...

Happy Birthday Winny....!

Chris Winn said...

Ash! Your sources are pretty good but just missed the mark slightly..twas the Green's b/day last week! Diggin' the new epix stuff! Cheers mate..