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22 February 2008

Big Wheels Keep On Turning.

Well, okay maybe not for this guy..but it was a happy ending and he did make it out okay in the end (and I asked him if I could take a pic too). Its the weekend again and I have absolutely no idea just where the hell the last working week went...a blur for sure and that's the way I'll take it. Tuesday is now known officially as 'Super Tuesday' due to the fact the Sandown Crit is always a heap of fun and damn good training...and the ride home on a balmy full moon lit night capped it off. Rad. Can't wait for the next one.

This guy has been in town for the last week kickin' about. Will be representing the big Spanish 'O' down at Otway this weekend...I'm still licking my wounds from just even thinking about last year, and perhaps wondering of today's 7hr Tour of California stage in torrential rain and cold would be anymore enjoyable..but least the age old question was finally proved..mullets do win bike races...not sure about mo's though Mr Cozza.

And it finally it brings me to the brand new the 'Things That Frustrate The Hell Outta Me All The Time When It Happens' column..see pic above and below. Yep, thats why I never was a 'yo-yo kid' or will work as a roadie (musical variety people..ya know the guys that roll up guitar leads) or an electrician. Stuff that tangles cracks me big time. Spaghetti is the only exception cause you dont have to deal with it. Oh and a close second on that list is night...when you hear them and are fully in stealth mode and on thier A game...yep. Ok I'm done..lator y'

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