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10 January 2008

Flicking The Switch.

So with a new year often comes some changes..some people try to stop smoking, lose weight or even try for an extra hour of sleep a night . As for me I'm excited to announce a pretty big change of my own, and one I'm pretty darn motivated about...

So for 2008 I will be heading back to the USA once more, but this time with a little different focus. I'm stoked to announce I will be racing this year for the RMCEF/Mob Cyclery Road Team...yep I'm hitting the tarmac baby! Based outta Colorado and previously known as Team Einsteins Bagels, the team has a really great history of developing neo-pro's, and easily is one of the best amateur teams in the country, so needless to say I'm pretty excited to take on some new challenges. Road racing has always been a strong part of my preparations for the mtb and this year I have been given a great chance to bring it to the forefront. A massive shout out of thanks to all those who have supported my dirt endevors and have made it fun...stay tuned for some new adventures as the year unfolds...but meanwhile..

...I think I've found the new 'Hollywood' weight loss fad..go ride your bike for 5.5hrs in 40deg heat and lose three kgs straight up! I mean that's some pretty scweet returns right there, imagine Brittany turning the pedals the day of "insert tacky music award night here" and dropping three kegs... happy dayz. Damn this bike riding gig can be fun sometimes...and I'm sure it wont be last last time I zig-zag up the last climb to home


T-Dawg said...

Nice. Can you race 'cross with them too ?

Get those skis ready for winter too by the way, no shortage of choices in CO.

I'm envious of your move

green said...

onwards and upwards roy, its ok i will put my road career on hold and represent the winn's on the dirt!!

Anonymous said...

yeah that grouse chris, sounds like awesome fun.

Chris Winn said...

thanks fellas (assuming annon. is a guy, apologies if not!). Some of the guys do race cross so I guess it could be an option, but I dare say I will be fairly well smoked by the end of the season no doubt..

catinthenet said...

is that a squirt thru a teeny weeny lil hose lol

Ash Thomas said...

stoked for ya mate, all the best eh!

Jessica said...

That sounds so awesome! What a dream to be heading off and doing that. Good luck and have fun most of all!