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18 December 2007

You Can't Train On Vegemite.

It's true. Well at least I found out it doesn't work for me anyway. Outta jam it was time to load up the training sambo with and old skool favourite and it left me high, dry and blown with an hour to go yesterday. Lesson learned. So much for the mineral replacement theory...but I sure as hell weren't as bright as bright can be coming up the mtn yesterday.

Been getting some decent kms under in the legs of late which is all happy dayz. Must say its a pretty good gig to get base miles done in the summer time...cause on the flipside of the world CO is already getting plenty of snow according to Denver's number one weather girl. And I thought winters in the Nongs were fairly tough.

Well, the mug of tea is done and it's time to get out on the bike for another day. Oh and stay tuned for some very, hugely, massively exciting news announced in the new year...don't you just love teasers..? Merry Christmas

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Kat said...

I recommend these instead:
Much tastier and more filling. It's a staple of every American kid's diet, so you know you can't go wrong with a PB&J.