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24 November 2007

Two From Two.

Escaped early today to beat the jungle that is Nongs riding on a sunny Saturday. And a voting day at that so you know there is much added bulk to the plethora of craft stalls and used book sales while people decide the political future of the nation. Definitely a good day for copping abuse with two cars in a row having a go at our environmentally friendly and good health promoting activity. Screw you guys. Oh and just to set the record straight i didn't make it to the teacher protests this week...I'm campaigning for the teacher pay my own quiet, let someone else do it and go ride your bike in the sunshine way.

Seems like my knee issues are lingering like any past present or future Idol contestant..don't know which is more painful really. Tis early days however so all is not lost and looking forward to getting smashed on a physio table near you in the near future. Meanwhile it seemed like a good idea at the time to tidy the site up a little bit. Been doing some hardcore spring cleaning round the house so I thought I'd extend that into cyber-space too...yep life is good.

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