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17 October 2007

Warming The Bench.

With a pretty badly swollen knee the last coupla days have seen the two wheeler remain stationary in the garage. Ah well gotta do what you gotta do. Meanwhile the ipod has had the customary's whats hitting the Winston Top 40 Countdown this month...

Idlewild- The Remote Part.
Scottish gang I believe...snared off on Jose Hernadez's hard drive in Italy, infectious pop/rock with a little darker twist on the odd occasion and stark lyrics. As I mentioned..Scottish..probably live down the street from Rowney...

Filter- Title Of Record.
Another Hernandez hard drive swipe, big rock sound with a bit of electronica in the mix to keep the part time doof heads happy. Some heavy vocal action coloured from what me thinks many a night spent on the turps...or eating wasabi.

Rancid- Life Wont Wait
Handy little purchase on the US trip to add to the collection. Heavy reggae influence on this one with some genuine rasta's lending a hand on some tracks.
Singer Armstrong makes the vocalist from Filter sound shelf.

Ryan Adams- Gold / Rock n Roll / 29
Potentially developing a man crush of late on Mr Adams (dont tell Kat) these cd's are on constant rotation. Gold is exactly that, Rock n Roll is..well that too and 29 is a little tougher to handle straight up but probably best saved for the nights on the back porch with a bottle of whisky. Who says slide guitar ain't cool?

Hot Hot Heat- Make Up The Breakdown
Did feature on many a Euro van time epics and always a hit with fellow Canuck Cap'n Coach Ross. Quirky time signatures, good dose of keyboard action and some catchy chorus work makes a pretty good listen.

Nirvana- In Utero
Old Skool....Post the mega album of 'Nevermind', in my mind this is very much Kurt destroying any hope of further mainstream success with very non-radio single friendly songs. Loud and in the minor key. Lets all scream together.

Intercooler- Old School Is The New School
Flying the home grown flag (Bris-vegas I think?) this is one of those albums that I was keen to listen to but never factored when putting down the arthur ashe at the store. Cropping up on cycling's favourite hard drive its a pretty good listen. A nice blend of Rock/Pop without the screaming teenage girls.

Over n'


Kat said...

Here's a few more R.A. to add to the queue: "Cold Roses" (a 2-volume album guaranteed to drive the ladies crazy), and "Demolition".

Anonymous said...

Hey Winston, how is the knee/elbow/shoulder combination healing? Billy J